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Let’s give this a try. Doing a giveaway because I want to give back to the awesome people who were so helpful when I first joined. So, my first giveaway ever! Fire-themed because the Flameforger’s Festival is soon. Giveaway consists of a Mock Firebird, Sunburst Feathered Wings, and Sunburst Tail Feathers.Rules:
Reblog with Username and ID to enter. Likes are nice, but don’t count as entries.
Only one entry per person.
You don’t need to be following me, though if you want to that’s cool.
Ends 13:00 FR time, Thursday August 21st.
Winner chosen randomly!

Mitsukai #63725
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Opened a few iron chests and got these ;w;


My friend saw on Animal Planet that Golden Retriever’s mouths are so soft they can carry eggs without breaking them, so she tested it. 

I am tearing up
Can’t wait for these babies! They’ll be TG gen 2 Faes ;w;The colour combos really remind me of ice cream!Especially the first one, neopolitan ice cream~
I’m going to be selling them for 50K each.





yesterday me and another girl were explaining that most americans don’t have kettles in their kitchens to a british woman who runs a tea shop and she said “well how do you make your tea, then?” and the other girl admitted that she mostly uses the microwave and the woman clutched her  hand over her heart and sat down in shock 



oh my god

You don’t microwave tea what the fuck

This is what happened when I asked my American friends about kettles…

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